Knightley Rally Drive

Knightley Drive 19/6/2021

Many thanks to Felicity and Philip Stubbs for hosting us to a drive through beautiful countryside in perfect weather. Billed by Felicity as a ‘Midsummer Drive’, we all held our breath as thunderstorms were forecast for the day before and the day following. In the event, it was pleasantly warm with light cloud cover, and none of the terribly hot weather of late.

Satisfyingly, there were six turnouts forward, as follows:- Felicity Stubbs and Avril Pluck driving Amber to a gig, Jennifer Marren and Helen James driving Corky to an exercise vehicle, Edward Orgill and Tony Gregory driving Sally to a Hartland exercise vehicle and Russell Hand and family driving a bay pair to a Polish wagonette. We welcomed for the first time Sue and Andy Robinson and Paddy to a two seat sulky – they had come all the way from the Wirral to join us and it was good to see some new faces. Also present were Sue and Ian Cole with Sam the Man to a Fun Bug who had his own shorter ‘private drive’ as this was his first outing after being lame.

The drive covered some of the country lanes we have been on before as well as new ground through villages, past mill ponds and lakes, and through a spectacular rock cutting which made a very pleasant and interesting drive. Thankfully the 13 mile drive was punctuated by a halt (for the sake of the horses, of course) at the Star Inn. (A likely story!).

On our return we enjoyed the now familiar socially distanced picnic with drinks and gate opening and closing kindly provided by Felicity and Philip. Photography kindly provided en route by Tony Gregory and at Birch Tree Farm by Ian Cole.


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