Eccleshall Fun Day 11th August 2021.

This certainly was a Fun Day – everyone taking part thoroughly enjoyed themselves testing their skills in a variety of ways – some of which we had never experienced before! These included inspecting Felicity and Amber for some appalling mistakes in their show turnout, a short road drive while filling in a questionnaire about things we saw and collecting some named leaves, and a cones course navigated first in the usual way and then driven in an order given to grooms who had the responsibility of aiming the whips in the right direction.

Fortunately we were allowed to practise the various Le Trec type difficulties before being scored which meant very few ‘duck eggs’ and plenty of laughs as we longreined poles and slaloms, carried glasses full of water from one table to another (no putting the water in your mouth and spitting it back into the glass at the end for measuring!), reversed into a garage, turned through 180 degrees with one wheel in a hula hoop, drove around a cone while holding a weighted string clear of the ground, drove a narrow curved track through a steep gateway and over a tarpaulin.

After all the tasks were completed we enjoyed hot drinks and cake kindly provided by Felicity followed by results and presentation of rosettes.

Many thanks to Felicity and Philip Stubbs for hosting the event and to the army of stewards and helpers including Felicity’s entire family, friends, neighbours, Philip Holder and Tony and Carol Gregory. A great deal of effort went into putting on this event for us and it is very much appreciated by those of us who took part – Ted Orgill and Graham Taylor with Sally, Edith Hockenhull and Tania McGrath with Tally, Sue and Ian Cole and Diana Furber with Sam the Man and of course Felicity and Avril with Amber whose ‘deliberate mistakes’ had been rectified!

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