Knightley Drive

Knightley Drive 25/8/19

On 25th August 2019 Felicity Stubbs and her family kindly hosted a drive from Birch Tree Farm, Knightley. Five turnouts took advantage of a lovely sunny day to enjoy an 11.5 mile drive around the Staffordshire lanes. Half way round we were met by the support crew of AC Philip Holder, Felicity’s husband Philip, and photographer Ian Cole. The two Philips supplied us with drinks and delicious home-made cake to set us up for the rest of our drive. Our return route took us past Felicity’s sister Christine who was able to man a potentially dangerous road junction from a deck chair in front of her house – thank you Christine!

Once the horses had been attended to we were invited into Felicity’s and Philip’s beautiful and peaceful garden to enjoy generous helpings of tea, coffee and cake and an opportunity to catch up with friends.

Those taking part in the drive were Felicity Stubbs and Avril Pluck with Amber, Edith Hockenull and Tanya McGrath with Tally, Ian and Debbie Walklet with Zak and Sue Cole and Mandy Hughes with Sam the Man. The fifth turnout was Russell and Pat Hand with grooms Natalie Toft and Molly Minter driving a pair of bays to a beautiful varnished carriage which was much admired by everyone but which nobody was able to identify!

Many thanks to Felicity and family for their hospitality and also to everyone who helped to make the day such a success. It was marred only by a certain black cob deciding to break his headcollar and do a runner when it was time to leave – fortunately he was soon rounded up despite his reluctance to leave Felicity’s nice field!

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